B.T. Lucci grew up in Altadena, California, a small town in Los Angeles County right next to Pasadena, Ca. As he states, "I used to be involved with gangs and drugs, mainly in my teenage years and early twenties." B.T. felt he did this because that was the environment in which he grew up around, but he was successful in changing and overcoming the street mentality.  After choosing to leave the street life, B.T. obtained a four year degree from a prestigious college in California and pursued a corporate career.

B.T. is a person that has seen both sides of the coin, the street life and the corporate/school life. His talent was always rapping, but he never seriously pursued it because if he wasn't in school, he was working every day to help his mother as much as he could. Back then he didn't have time to rap and not get paid for it; however, B.T. feels at this point in his life he is ready for people to hear his story. 

His inspiration is his father, brother, and mother. B.T. Lucci lost his father to cancer when he was only seventeen. His older brother gave up everything he was doing to take care of him and his mother, so he feels he owes it to his family to do his very best in a positive way.  B.T. Lucci now is pursuing his music career, while continuing to rise in his corporate career. He believes that his story may help some of the younger generation of children who believe that they have no hope due to the environment they live in.

In 2012 he dropped his first solo album released on Invizzible Music called "Real Ni**az Don't Keep Score," and in 2013 he dropped a mixtape album called "This Is What I Been Through." Following those two projects, B.T. Lucci hooked up with a former colleague, D.J. B. Original to drop "America's Most" mixtape and his most recent album, “210 West” available in all digital outlets. 

B.T. Lucci has featured on multiple artist albums and mixtapes not only across the country but overseas as well.



B.T. Lucci

B.T. Lucci